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活动房的九个装置这些细节要留意来源:   时间:2018-11-06
The nine installations of the mobile room should be noted.
The construction site, especially at the beginning, is to install movable rooms. Some friends do not know how to install movable rooms, nor do they know what to pay attention to? Let's get to know them in detail today.
1. Understand the drawings, carefully examine the layout of the movable room, the requirements of nodes, the relationship between the movable room and the construction, the color and luster of the movable room itself, the filler, the basic scale requirements, the door, window scale and installation in the movable room compartment, the way of supplementary information and other unknown contents.
2.二次排板制图,这是活动房预制和装置的重要一步,是把规划图纸转化为可供在工厂第二次加工,把规范规格板制成不同类型的壁板,进行组合以表现规划目的的中心转化图,并在活动房工厂生产出规范板材, 在施工现场组装,即能够确保壁板的结实程度又能够加速活动房的装置速度.
2. Secondary layout drawing, which is an important step in the prefabrication and installation of movable room, is to convert the planning drawing into the second processing in the factory, make the standard specifications board into different types of wallboard, and combine them to express the planning purpose of the central transformation drawing, and produce the standard plates in the movable room factory, and assemble them in the construction site, that is, to be able to do so. Ensure that the stiffness of the panel can speed up the installation speed of the mobile room.
3.在工厂预制时,依据经历,门洞.窗洞和缝间充沛考虑到空隙和装置余量.并在整个运送制造,装置过程中,避免划伤.重压及外表碰击,以避免呈现无法校正的凹坑和划痕.活动房两边的塑料维护膜,只有在装置 悉数完毕后,进行完全清洁时才允许揭掉.
3. In factory prefabrication, according to experience, there are plenty of gaps and equipment allowances between doors, windows and seams. During the whole process of transportation and manufacture, scratches, heavy pressure and external collisions are avoided to avoid irreparable pits and scratches. Plastic maintenance film on both sides of the movable room should be cleaned completely only after all the devices have been completed. It is allowed to be undone.
4.活动房装置前的放线作业,应在地上完成后进行,并在具备装置的其它相关条件如较大设备已运到位.暗敷地上管线已调整完及技能夹层主要装置作业根本完成,才能够进行.放线是在地上上划出活动房水平 投影及门.窗方位.上下马槽中心线应在同一笔直面上.
4. The laying-out operation before the installation of the movable room should be completed on the ground, and other relevant conditions with the installation such as the larger equipment has been transported in place. The laying-out operation can only be carried out after the adjustment of pipelines on the ground and the completion of the operation of main installations with skill interlayer. The laying-out is to mark the horizontal projection of the movable room and the orientation of doors and windows on the ground. The centerline should be on the same straight side.
5.装上下马槽,下马槽一般选用带有内外R角的铝合金型材.用射钉固定于地上所画的线上,转角及终端距边0.2米为宜,选用止水橡胶条的在射钉之前把两条胶条放入槽下,在射钉固定后构成防水阻隔关闭.上马 槽为限制槽铝,硬吊顶时用射钉固定在顶板上,软吊顶时选用吊杆悬吊在层面下,高度以吊顶净高为准.
5. Aluminum alloy profiles with internal and external R angles are generally selected for mounting and lowering manger. Fixed on the line drawn on the ground with shooting nails, the turning angle and the distance between the end and the edge are 0.2 meters. Two rubber strips are put under the trough before shooting nails. After fixing the nails, the water-proof barrier closes. The upper trough is used for limiting trough aluminium, while the hard ceiling is used. The nail is fixed on the roof. When the soft ceiling is suspended, the hanger is suspended at the level, and the height is determined by the ceiling height.
6.细立壁板,按排地图装入预制好的组件,组件间以固定插件确定相邻壁板.值得特别留意的是在组立壁板的同时配合好电气暗敷管线及箱盒.壁板应笔直,立缝要靠紧,缝隙越小越漂亮,立缝均匀.在操作时,细心 整理立缝上的维护膜暂时揭开,而千万不要揭除.整理槽内杂物及粘结的胶液凝结硬块,否则用再大的力也很难将立缝调整的均匀.密实.
6. Fine vertical wall panels, packed into prefabricated components according to row maps, and fixed plug-ins to determine adjacent wall panels. It is worth noting that while erecting the wall panels, electrical hidden laying pipes and boxes should be well matched. The wall panels should be straight, the vertical seams should be close, the smaller the seams, the more beautiful the vertical seams are, and the vertical seams are even. In operation, carefully tidy up the maintenance film on the vertical seams temporarily. When uncovering, do not uncover. Finishing groove debris and bonded glue solidify lumps, otherwise it is difficult to adjust the vertical seam evenly and compactly with great force.
7.装吊顶板:顶板的分量支撑是经过固定在周边的立板及中心悬吊的T型铝.长边缝间经过固定插件固定和加固,短边经过T型铝和连板抽芯铆钉固定.吊平顶力求平整,板缝密实均匀.光洁.无痕.无伤.操作注 意同立壁板.
7. installed ceiling board: the roof is fixed on the supporting component through the vertical plate and center of suspension type T aluminum perimeter. Long side seam between the fixed and fixed plug after reinforcement, the short side by T type aluminum rivets connecting plate and fixed ceiling. To smooth, dense and homogeneous smooth. No seams. Mark. No injury. Operation notice of Tongli panel.
8.活动房包柱.包箱.装阴阳R角.在净化区内的柱子用б=50活动房另包起来有利于节省资料和统一阴阳R角均为50.先在门窗洞口装入不锈钢的门窗框固定牢靠,装门留意敞开方向,装窗玻璃.闭门器应调节 好敞开速度和力气,一般在关门时前半程速度快,后半程力矩小.速度慢,以减小关门碰击和噪音.
8. activities of the housing package column box. Loading. Yin and Yang R angle. On the other to save data and unified R angle were 50. Yin and Yang in the windows and doors into stainless steel door and window frame fixation with =50 wrapped by activity room in the purification zone pillars, with the door open to the direction of glazing closers. We should adjust the opening speed and strength, generally at the time of closing The first half speed is fast, the rear half torque is small, and the speed is slow, so as to reduce the closing knock and noise.
9.密封硅胶:在净化区内,凡是有或许影响洁净度的下述缝隙,均应涂密封硅胶:活动房之间的拼接缝.R角与壁板.顶板的一切缝隙;空调风管.风口.高效过滤器与壁顶板间的缝隙;电气穿过壁板顶板的维护 管槽与洞口边际间的缝隙.
9. sealing silicone: in the purification zone, where the gap may affect the cleanliness, shall be painted with silica gel seal: splicing activity room joints between.R angle and wall. All slot roof air duct.; HEPA filter and wall outlet. The gap between the roof panel through the roof; electrical maintenance gap tube the hole between the groove and the marginal.
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